Some other considerations also includes the weather conditions, convenience, budget, matching accessories and design. You could either tailor made it or get ready made ones. Sometimes you might be able to get some cheap wedding dress during sale!!!
You might want to consider the following when choosing your wedding dress:
Weather conditions
Considering the hot humid conditions at the beach, it is not advisable to wear a gown during the ceremony. Not only does it is inconvenient to walk, it will also dirty the nice white gown of yours. Also you might need to find out some information on the beach which you have in mind for your wedding venue, to see if there are any seasonal changes. For e.g., it might be colder during the cooler seasons and thus you might reconsider not to opt for a strappy or halter wedding dress as you might feel cold. Or you might want to consider having a simple thin shawl to go with your dress. As it is usually more windy at the beach, you could consider using something such as a brooch to pin the shawl in place so that it do not fly over the place.
Convenience & Budget
It would take a lesser time and money to do up informal beach wedding dress rather than a gown. However it is advisable to make sure that there is sufficient time for the bridal salon or tailor to make that beautiful wedding dress of yours. Do not try to do some last minute work as it might end up in some inferior or imperfect wedding dress. Do plan carefully for any alterations which you might wish to make along the way.
It is also easier to choose informal beach wedding dress as there are some dresses which are ready made and could be picked off the shelve. You could engage some friends' help to scout for the perfect beach wedding dress of your dreams.
Do also consider something which you could match your bridesmaids' dresses.
Matching Accessories

Do choose a wedding dress which you can easily find the accessories to match such as footwear and jewelry.
The design should match the beach wedding theme. Thus a simple short dress is recommended. But do make sure that the chosen beach wedding dress is not too short as it might get easily blown over and certainly you do not wish to be embarrassed. One creative innovative way is to use a white sarong, which can be easily tie up and yet not easily blown away. This has been very popular with brides opting for beach weddings and is easily available.
Look at magazines for trends!
You might have friends or family members giving you lots of advice. As it is your big day, you should choose something which you are
look nice in
can fit in (it is no use trying to fit into a dress which the style and design do not suit your body shape) See here for weight loss tips!
feel good in
Remember you are the STAR on the big day. Choosing a beach wedding dress which you feel comfortable and good in, is the utmost importance. Do not get into a situation whereby you buy a wedding dress which is beautifully designed but does not look good on you or you have to diet a lot just to fit in.

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