1/ Explore Digital Photography £55
3 hours, 10am - 1pm / 6 - 9pm
Ideal for beginners who would like to learn how to use their camera more than just in 'automatic' mode. 
• What is Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, White Balance and how they are linked.
• What is the best MODE to use and when? Includes full manual.
• How to control Depth of Field (DOF) to achieve nice blured background.
• The importance of built in flash and how to control it.
• What accessories and lenses to use for each situation.
• How to measure light using a camera metering system or meter reader.
• Correct composition, angles and techniques. 
• Practice indoors and outdoors.
• You should bring your camera.

2/ Photoshop for Beginners £55
3 hours, 10am - 1pm / 6 - 9pm
Suitable for beginners, who would like to get the maximum from their images. 
• How to download and store your photos directly from the camera or the card reader.

• What is a RAW file and how to convert using Photoshop or Lightroom.

• What are the 'Layers' and how to use them.

• How to adjust Brightness, Contrast and White Balance.

• How to remove spots and unwanted subjects.

• How to use masking and other important tools.

• Correct conversion from Colour to Black & White.

• How to crop, resize and prepare for printing.

• You can bring your own images in digital.
3/ Introduction to Studio Photography £55
3 hours, 10am - 1pm / 6 - 9pm
This 3 hours introduction to studio photography will teach participants the basics of:
• How to setup the studio using 1,2,3 or 4 lights and white or black backdrop.
• How to use reflectors, softboxes, beauty dish and triggering system.
• How to measure light and setup your camera correctly.
• How to setup white balance manually and its importance in studio photography.
• How to talk to your subject (model) to make them relaxed .
• How to pose and use appropriate props .
• Practice in our studio under the supervision of the professional photographer.
• A model can be hired if required for an additional cost.
• You will need to bring your camera.

On completing the Introduction to Studio Photography course, the best way to improve is to practice in a fully equipped photographic studio. As a SPECIAL OFFER to all Introduction to Studio Photography participants, 35Mil are offering a 30% discount on your first studio booking (£35/2 hours). The discount is valid for 6 weeks after you have completed the course and includes the use of all our photographic equipment (cameras not included).

4/ Wedding Photography Workshop £195
2 days, 10am - 3pm model included
A fantastic opportunity to become a wedding photographer within 10 hours.
Our course will also take you through the consultation, planning, postprocessing, editing and marketing proces.

• How to attract attention online, advertising wisely and choosing the right marketing strategy.
• How to prepare for the pre-wedding consultation and how to conduct the consultation.
• How to plan your day at the wedding.
• Avoiding mistakes, not wasting time and getting best result.
• What equipment and accessories to take, what equipment to use and when.
• How to photograph the whole wedding and specific situations such as the bride getting ready, the ceremony, informal shots etc.
• What settings to use in low light conditions including the church ceremony and the first dance.
• Postprocessing - how to export photos if shooting in RAW, tips and tricks to enhance the photographs using Photoshop and Lightroom.
• How to show and present the photos after the wedding to a married couple, their family and guests.
• How to benefit from each wedding using the right images for your publicity.

You will need to bring your camera, your lenses, flashgun and tripod (not essential). Basic photography knowledge is required.
A model will be provided. Lunch and refreshments are included.

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