You are window shopping to pick the best attire for you and your husband-to-be.  There are too many choices and you find yourself overwhelmed and at a loss. You have the help of a few close bridesmaids along to help give some opinions on what is appropriate. Somehow you feel that you are confused by the huge number of kind advice given by your friends and relatives.
So exactly how should you start to plan to get the perfect attire for the both of you?
Some simple guidelines & a cool checklist to help start you out:
Wedding Theme
What is the theme of your wedding? If it’s a beach wedding, the style might be casual and informal. If it’s a fairytale wedding, you might opt for something more elaborate.
See what is within your budget. If you want some real fancy designer dress, do make sure that you have catered the budget for it. If not, do look for some alternatives.
Plan your shopping
Do some homework and research first. Cut down some pictures of the dresses or attire which you like and bring it along. In case that you might want to do some fitting, do wear strapless bra, so that you could try in most fittings.
In this way, you can be more focused in your search and not waste too much unnecessary time in looking.
If your wedding is a casual one, you might find that departmental stores might be a good place to start with.
Material of the attire
This goes back to the venue of your wedding ceremony. If it is outdoors, e.g. a tropical wedding, you might want to look for some light weighted material so that you feel comfortable and not hot.
Your figure
Some couples might have overlooked this point. Knowing the shape of your body and what are your best assets could help you choose a wedding attire that looks good on you. It will also determine the styles you can opt for.
Then decide what should be the bridesmaids and the groomsmen's attire. Try to let them know the style and color, so that they would be able to pick up something similar to yours.
For guests, what should you wear to the reception? You might be able to get some hints from the invitation wordings or to sound the couple out on how formal or causal the event might be.
Of course, one of the the other concern you may have is that you might need to maintain or lose some weight to fit perfectly into the wedding attire!

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