How should you look on your wedding day? Natural? Heavy? If you have chosen a beach wedding and will be under the sun, what should be the appropriate look you want to create?
So how should you choose your makeup? Look at the weather; it should give a good indication.  If it is going to be hot and humid, you might consider putting normal makeup, so as to avoid sweating and dissolving the makeup.
 Remember, you are under direct natural light and so the makeup shouldn’t be too thick. If it’s too thick, it might melt and crack
Most brides choose to put on normal makeup and still look perfect! Perhaps it might be due to the natural lighting that acts as a background?
If you want to opt for a makeover, you could go to your makeup artist to test trial. What does this mean? Tell your artist on the style you want to create for your wedding ceremony. As professionals, they can give you very good advice. You could go to a few artists for advice and perhaps to see some samples which they might have done for similar occasions. 
Another consideration is that the makeup must match your wedding dress and accessories. So it might be good if you could bring the dress and accessories along for the makeover to see the final effect.
To look good in your makeup, do remember to follow a skin care regime. Click here to get some skin care tips!
Do get the look you want and feel comfortable with. Remember, you are the STAR for that big event!
Different times of the day would affect the way you look. Look here for tips to decide on the look you want.
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