a creative professional photographer long before it was the standard. Dad moved to the United States from Holland and built a photography studio barely speaking English. He became a successful portrait and wedding photographer, finding new ways to look at an age old tradition. But he did so much more than that! An adventurous sort, he shot the World Trade Center going up, laying across beams on floors that hadn't been built yet. If he thought he could get a better shot from his stomach, he got on the floor; if he thought something would look better from a higher angle, he jumped on a chair. His work graced magazine covers, books and newspapers. My father's creative genes were passed on to me, and Dad taught me everything I know. I've combined what my dad had been teaching me from the time I was a baby and combined it with classes to become a photographer in my own right. Sadly, Dad passed away from complications due to Alzheimer's Disease in 2006, but his vision continues to live on in my work.

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