You have come so far and excitedly waited for the big day to come. Anxiously, you and your good friends are at the venue trying to finish the final touches for the big event. Everything, from arrangement of tables, centerpieces and the layout of the pathway. You have always wanted to create a romantic setting for the big day and guess what, you could use some candles to lit  up the pathway (provided that you are doing in the evening). Not only does candles enhance the visibility of the aisle, it also adds the tone of romance in the air!!!

I was surfing the net and saw some really cool candles, which some comes in designer colors,  are rather inexpensive, which I think would greatly add to the romantic theme for the occasion. Candles can also be used as wedding centerpieces.
Using candles is an inexpensive and good way as they are portable.  One thing to note is that, due to the winds from the sea, you may need to use a covered glass to hold the candles in to minimize them from getting blown out all the time. Using floating candles and putting them in a nice covered bowl could ask as an inexpensive decor to the plain wedding reception table, cocktail table or the wedding cake table.
In the previous article, I did mentioned that some sort of lighting is essential to lit up the surrounding, especially if you are having an evening wedding. Putting some nice sphere shape candles on the tables not only double up as a decorative item but only help to provide some light. These cool sphere candles (available in different colors) below have a long lifetime too, up to 15 hours. Of course this would be dependent on how strong the winds are at the venue.

Alternatively, you can also try to match the beach theme such as the one below

And of course, the very basic and versatile  tealite candles also can be used, be it to be used in the burner for the aromatherapy for the reception table or at the guests tables.
With the increasing trend of couples opting for an alternative wedding, it is common to see the use of pyrotechnics (fireworks) at wedding ceremonies.
The trend to opt for destination weddings, especially the rising popularity of beach wedding, has led to many couples thinking out of the box to spice up their events.
The use of pyrotechnics in weddings can awed guests and definitely is not a cheap affair. A simple show of approximately 10 minutes can cost US$1000 easily, depending on the complexity of the show.
If you are really interested and want to have a pyrotechnic show in your beach wedding or theme wedding, you have to obtain a license from the authorities. It might take up to one month for you to obtain the approval, so do try to do the paperwork early.
Make sure that you have engaged a licensed pyrotechnic company and they can help you do the necessary paperwork for you. Check that their staffs are all trained and licensed.
Of course, if everything goes well, you should be having a HEATY wedding.

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