Wedding favors are usually mementos given to guests as a kind gesture for remembrance of the joyous occasion. There are always a wide variety of beach wedding favors available. The usual ones are cakes, candles, which could be wrapped up in different packaging and are usually well-received by guests. Due to their dexterity,  it is quite easier to custom made candies, cakes or candles into personalized gifts which portrays the bride & groom. You can scout around for ideas for the perfect wedding favor.
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However choosing the right wedding favor is challenging and care should be taken to carefully plan this as part of the wedding preparation process. Below are some tips to facilitate the ease of choosing the right wedding favor:
Theme of the wedding
You would have to carefully think through what sort of a wedding theme you wish to embark on before choosing the favor to complement it. A traditional wedding theme would require a different kind of wedding favors. If you are doing a beach wedding, having some wedding favors associated with the seaside such as shells shape chocolates or bubblegum. This is important as it would greatly help in narrowing down the range of favors to choose from as gifts for the guests.
You would need to look at your budget to think about how much you would want to spend on wedding favors. If you are on a tight budget and want something unique, you could look at inexpensive ideas or even to customize and make your own. Not only does it makes the gift more individual, it also shows how much you want to share the memories with your guests.

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