Current hair styles for women in the UK definitely favour long and loose.  This fashion trend also applies to girls, from ages 4 or 5 to 16; looking around any group of girls outside schools, or on city high streets, a majority can be seen to wear their hair long.
The advantages of having long hair are numerous.  It is far more versatile to style, as it can be worn loose and flowing, tied back in a simple ponytail, be tidied into plaits, have part braids, or have a sophisticated look when worn up.
In earlier centuries, girls always wore their hair long until their “coming of age”, when they were allowed, for the first time, to wear their hair up, as an indication that they had reached maturity (or, in some social classes, that they were old enough to be married).
In some societies, the way hair is worn was regarded as indicative of a particular status or group membership, such as the rebellious statement made by women in the 1920’s when they had their hair bobbed to demonstrate support for female emancipation.  Punks are recognised by their “Mohican” hairstyle, with part of the head shaved and part with hair spiked up along the centre of the head for both men and women.
Today’s fashion, however, definitely favours long hair for women.  This has a particular benefit for hair extensions UK wide, as the extra length and thickness that can be added by a high quality hair extension, such as a clip-in or micro ring, increases the styling options considerably.  The best hair extensions are unobtrusive, as they have been carefully matched to the wearer’s natural hair colour and type.  When these have been professionally modelled to the shape of the woman’s head, they are virtually indistinguishable from the original hair.
Small wonder then that in the UK, hair extensions have evolved from being a luxury fashion accessory for the rich and famous, to being almost the first consideration for special occasions such as weddings, important birthdays or other events. There is something very liberating about being able to toss a head of long, flowing locks which gleam with good health and stay tangle-free – at least when the hair extension has been made with the best quality remy hair, ensuring that each strand lies in the same direction.
Because the best hair extensions have been individually created, they really lend themselves to being styled in many different ways, depending on the particular occasion.  One of the most popular current fashions is to have the hair worn part loose and part up, either in braids, a ponytail or a more sophisticated bun. 
The care taken to source the highest quality natural virgin hair, which has not been coloured or treated with chemicals for straightening or perming, together with the professionalism of the best salons, means that these hair extensions UK wide are at the more expensive end of the market.  On the other hand, they will give many years of service, with only a few visits to the salon each year to ensure they continue to fit perfectly and look their best.  The old adage of “you get what you pay for” is as true in the fashion world of hair extensions as in any other field.  Surely you deserve the best!

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