Photography in all our daily lives
Once upon a time, pictures were taken at special occasions and ended up gathering dust in family albums. Today, thanks to modern technology, we’re able take more photographs than ever before and ensure that they’re available for instant access.
The digital photography revolution
The days when you had to buy a film, take it to the chemist to be developed and wait for the prints to arrive are almost gone. The digital camera has completely changed the way we approach photography.  We no longer need to ration ourselves to 24 or 36 photographs in an evening for fear of finishing the film too quickly. With a digital camera, you can more or less take as many photographs as you want. Then, at a time that suits you, simply check your camera and select the ones to save or to delete. Moreover, with a single USB cable, you can view your favourite images on your computer and print only the ones you want to keep.
Not just mobile phone: a camera too!
With the advent of smartphones, photos can be taken anywhere and anytime. Indeed, it’s laughably easy for anyone to take pictures this way, send them to friends, edit them with widely available applications and, ultimately, keep or delete them.  And, of course, you can take literally dozens of snaps in an evening without any problems.  Few young people bring their cameras to a party anymore. Most have become accustomed to simply using their mobile phone.
Retouching pictures
You no longer need to be a professional photographer to take stunning pictures. Modern digital techniques allow us to take photos as if we’d been doing it all our lives! You can transfer the photos from a digital camera to your laptop and, using widely available editing tools, correct any defects, such as poor contrast or “red eye”, for example.  Alternatively, you can use such photoshopping techniques to selectively crop or enlarge the image to turn an ordinary snap into a great photograph.  With smartphones, you can even add a frame to customize the picture with different applications.
In the street, in the evening, or even at work, it has become really easy to take great pictures. Young or old, experienced photographer or not, photography has become accessible to all.

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