To add on to the sweetness and joyous mood, having a beach wedding cake adds on to the fond memories for both the couple and the guests. The design should reflect the couple's unique style and personality.
The wedding cake is usually multi tiered and the first piece of the cake is to be shared by the newly weds, before distributing the rest to the guests as it symbolizes prosperity, fertility and love.
You could browse wedding magazines or wedding sites for beach wedding cake ideas!
Below are some pointers to choose the wedding cake:
Match the theme of the wedding and decor- in this case, match the beach wedding theme!
Favors of the cake, traditional or new?
Decor of the cake?
Couple's style
You could easily engage a baker to help to design the cake if you want something unique, such as new flavors or a new shape altogether. You may even opt for miniature cakes, instead on the big cake and place these miniatures on the reception tables for the guests to help themselves.
The cost of a single slice of cake can cost anything from US$3 up to US$6, depending on how complex it is. Depending on the number of guests you invite, it might come up to a whopping sum of money.
Some couples would want to keep a slice of the wedding cake until their first anniversary. Though I personally would not recommend this as it runs the risk of getting infested with bacteria and loss of flavor, there is actually a small tip I pick up on the net ( on preserving the wedding cake till first anniversary. Unbelievable?
Here how it works:
- "Put the cake in an airtight container to avoid picking up odors from other frozen items, advises Judy Lee, co-owner of Simon Lee Bakery,, in Pflugerville. Wrap the container in plastic wrap and aluminum foil to block moisture. In general for the long term, fruit-filling cakes store better than fresh-fruit ones."
I'm not too sure on whether this really works but I think it might be worth a try.
A more pragmatic approach would be to ask the baker which you intend to purchase the wedding cake from on whether there would be any promotions or specials if you order the cake again on your first anniversary. This is worth a try!!

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