What is Corporate Photography?
Prior to discussing the various corporate headshots and various other forms of corporate photography, let us first have a quick look at what exactly corporate photography is. Commercial/corporate photography services entail the usage of photography by the commercial units for achieving their set goals which do not necessarily involve the promotion of the companies alone. For instance, there are companies that hire photographers to shoot photo of their working staff for maintaining their internal reports., for the purpose of Public relations recruiting and much more.
Advertising photography is different from corporate photography. This type of photography does not refer to any specific style and it entails a number of styles like documentary, architectural and portraiture etc.
What Are Corporate Headshots? Where They Are Used?
Normally, corporate headshots are used with the purpose of presenting a professional image of company’s employees that represent the company. Apparently, senior employees like managers are chosen for producing corporate headshots. The photo entails the head and shoulders of the subject merely. Conventionally, these headshots are produced in a staged ambience with the lighting arrangement in the studio. The headshot has to pose in front of the camera with his/her direct eye contact.
There are a large number of materials where the corporate headshots are used like business cards, annual reports, press releases, advertising, circulars, etc. Also, these headshots are used in the popular social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn where the companies normally place the photos of their top-notch employees to represent their image. These are also used for the display in the corporate directories and head offices. Headshots are just one form of commercial/corporate photography services. The other type of forms includes event photography, executive portraits, architectural photography, catalog photography, editorial photography, product photography and a lot more.
Product Photography:
Product photography is one of the forms of commercial/corporate photography services. It is process of clicking the pictures of watches, toys, food items, watches and new cars. Product photography ranges from taking photos of brand new products like electronic goods or luxury cars to microchips.
Commercial Photography:
This type of photography involves clicking the photos of all the products for the commercial use. For instance, it is used in the adverts, in merchandising and in the placement of products. Commercial photography is used in the leaflets, in the corporate brochures and in the leaflets. There are several other commercial uses of this type of photography. They are used for selling products and services. These can be seen on the menus of restaurants and cafes. There are plenty of ways which are being used to market and promote the products. Commercial photography is one of the effective ways out of them. It has a broad and lucrative market.
In short, corporate photography is of the utmost significance to any company because of the reasons most apparent. Visuals attract the public more and have deeper impact on the brain than the text. It is due to this reason, that the appeal of company’s image can be enhanced by incorporating photographs in the brochures and leaflets meant for promotional purposes.

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