You have picked your dress, chose your accessories, decide that you will do without a veil. Now what's next? You have to chose a pair of matching shoes to go along with the beach wedding dress.
You start to ponder on what sort of designs and budget? You checked with your girlfriends and browse through magazines and Internet for answers.
So what should you choose???
Reflecting on your beach wedding theme, it should be something light and casual. After all you are on the sands and certainly you do not want to sink into it with your silhouettes.
A nice pair of flats or slight heels would be a good choice. It will help you gain some balance in the sands and yet look elegant and classic.
Where to find a good pair of value shoes?
Browse through Internet merchant sites for great offers e.g. 
Sales at the local stores
Internet auction sites
Enroll in contests that wins you vouchers for foot apparel
Go to flea markets / fairs to scout for one (actually this is quite a good way to do it as they do have unique pieces at times!)

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