What are the pre wedding parties that need to be thrown? Who are in charge of organizing the parties? Who foot the bill? What’s the purpose?
There are a lot of pre planning that needs to be done, no matter if it was a beach theme wedding. Even for destination weddings, you might have to cater for a few pre wedding parties for your guests, bridesmaids and groomsmen.
First Party – The Bridal Shower
The bridal shower can be thrown a few months prior to the wedding. Usually the maid of honor and your bridal assemble will help to organize this party.
It is usually casual and informal with a smaller number of guests to attend. Usually close relatives or friends will be invited. Try not to duplicate the guest list.
You can register your interest in the bridal gift registry so as to minimize the possibility to get duplicate gifts.
Second – Bridesmaid Luncheon
The bridesmaids have slogged hard for you. So it’s time to show them some appreciation prior to the wedding. This is in addition to the small gifts that you will give them prior to the wedding to thank them for their efforts.

This is held a few weeks prior the wedding.
Third – Bachelorette / Bachelor Party
Some might get jitters when they hear about these parties and the things they do to the groom and bride.
You might have a quiet dinner or a night to chill out with some drinks.  
Try to schedule them a few weeks prior to the wedding to avoid any hangovers that might disrupt the smooth progression on the big day.
Fourth – Rehearsal Dinner
This is rehearsal prior to the wedding day and is usually less formal. This is the time whereby you get to know more about the couple’s past and a time for them to distribute the gifts they have for their wedding team and parents.
A dinner is great as it enable the guests and wedding team to socialize and mingle.
Since there are so many different types of parties that need to be thrown, you will be rest assured that you are kept real busy! To avoid having the same monotonous theme throughout the wedding, you might consider making the parties fun by varying the concept.

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