A professional photographer with over 10 years of experience, approaches each wedding in a friendly and sensitive manner. John does not not deliver packages, rather he customizes his services to meet each clients needs.
The Style 
Is a blend of photojournalism and elegant portraiture taken on a natural setting. It’s the love and joy you want to remember though your pictures. Capturing fond memories is what I do best!
What is you price?
The pricing structure is quite simple: You pay by the hour and for each roll of film used. What you will get is a proof book with the days’ prints…. And you get the negatives. As one client said "Priceless"

Finding a simple backdrop is key element when wanting to make a statement. 

People are often under the impression that things like, trees, water, or other natural objects are necessary for the background of their photo's to provide interest. 

Let's all remember that it is WHAT is IN our photos that are speaking to our audience. 
While a beautiful stream in the background provides a calming memory, feeling, or emotion, it is the SUBJECT you're focused on. If YOU are focused on the subject in your photo, what do you suppose your viewer is also looking at? 
Try taking a photo today and purposely providing a blank background. (Easier said than done.)
Have fun with it and feel free to send me your images!

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