Wedding consultants / planners are professionals who have extensive experiences in planning all things regarding nuptial. You could hire a wedding consultant / planner to help you map out the dream wedding you envisaged, from the announcement, up to the honeymoon.
Hiring a wedding consultant / planner means you would have less to handle. You will find yourself less stress and frustrated. The consultant / planner will help you plan the budget, find the best wedding venue, pick up the great bargains and making sure that everything is in great shape after the event.
There are so many wedding consultants / planners, which ones are good?
Below are some pointers in choosing:
Theme of the wedding
First decide on the theme of the wedding you want. For e.g., if you are choosing a beach wedding, then you should consider where both of you intend to hold the wedding. This will help to narrow things down
Next check out if there are any associations or government sites to look for referrals to the wedding consultants / planners available in the area. In popular destinations, you can easily pick out this information at the tourism website of the country.
Reputation of the wedding consultant / planner
Look through the testimonials and see how much experience the wedding consultant / planner have in planning the wedding. E.g. how much experience does the consultant / planner has in organizing beach wedding. What are the feedback and experiences of others who have engaged the services?
Besides scanning through the websites of the wedding consultants / planners, one good way is to look through the forums and blogs to look the feedbacks.
Budget and rapport
Choose a consultant / planner which match your budget. As a general rule, the cost should be around 10 – 15% of your total wedding budget.
Get someone you feel comfortable to work with. After all it’s your big day and you certainly do not want to spoil the event!
Should you need a wedding planner?
If you are thinking to plan the wedding without a wedding planner, you might want to browse the resources below:
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