Since it is 2010, most folks opt for these types of cameras because of the endless possibilities.  

With a DSLR you can edit, upload, change lenses, add photo effects later, re size....need I say anymore?

I've had a lot of people approach me about teaching them to take better pictures with their DSLR. 
Let's face it, picking up that nice big expensive camera for the first time is a great feeling.  Taking that first picture is just as amazing....until you check the display.  
Oh No!  It's blurry, out of focus, to bright, to dark......was the lens cap actually ON?!
This was my first reaction at least.  It was horrible.  Instantly frustrated, overwhelmed, and alone.  (OK, not the alone part but for dramatic purposes, I just had to..hahaha)  This is the moment where we realize perhaps we NEED to read the manual.  Even at that, it's confusing.  Almost as if we're trying to read a different language. 

I am committing myself to deliver my readers some useful information to assist in the learning process.

As always, I'm gonna "Break It Down" to ya.  In Jillian terms....and I pray you will then send me your pictures once things click.  There's nothing better than to see the progress of ones talent.  
(Plus, it makes me feel really special to receive emails addressed to ME) 

An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed provides our readers/followers a convenient way to receive our posts (newly published by us) via reader/email/etc.  Let’s say a reader enjoys your post and views it for that day.......which is great, but what about your DAILY posts in which they could benefit from? If they subscribe, they wouldn't miss a thing!  A feed offered in feed burner for example, can not only offer our readers this neat option, but you can generate your sitemap from this, submit to Google, and allow for easier access all around.   Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an easy way for Web sites to  share headlines and stories from other sites. Web surfers can use sophisticated news readers to surf these headlines using RSS aggregators.  Hope that made sense.

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