What hairstyle should you wear on the wedding day? Should it be elaborate or something simple and chic?
What are some concerns you might have? Which stylist is good?
You could have two main options – do it yourself or to engage a professional hair stylist.
For the first one, if you are on a budget, you can look through some hair styling magazines to get tips and tricks on how to do up a simple hairstyle. Sometimes they show you step by step on how to whip up a gorgeous hairstyle suitable for wedding!
If not, seek your friends’ help. Maybe one of them is good at styling and can help you do up the style you want.
If you decide to engage a professional hair stylist, what is the best way to source for them?
The best way is of course, referral. If any of your friends have engaged a particular stylist before, you may use the same one, provided he or she is good. Sometimes it is hard to really judge whether a stylist is good by their portfolio.
Whatever choice you make, remember, do a test trial of the style you want first. The best would be that you wear your wedding dress and then you do a trial. In this way you could better see if that style suits you.
But do note that you would most probably have to pay for the trial if you are using a professional stylist. Look at a few salons first, if you do not have a choice in mind. See what kind of styles they usually do before doing the test trial.
A couple, who are my friends, recently got married. The wife told me that she has to go to a few salons to trial the hairstyle before she got something she really likes. The first one was quite bad and she didn’t like it. Luckily, she managed to find one salon that is near her wedding reception, so she could go there to do up her hair without running too far away.
You could get the stylists to do up your hair at the hotel or salon or near the wedding reception site.
One more tip, look through the magazines to identify which are the hairstyles you like first and show it to the stylists. It makes things simpler and they could then do up the style accordingly to your choice!


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