Excellent Buy! I will admit, I debated purchasing this planner since it was released. I was back and forth about the price, but I kept coming back to look at it. Finally, my husband caught on and convinced me to buy it. {It didn’t take much convincing!} I. Love. It. It’s huge, even bigger than I expected. The quality is excellent, and the organization is perfect. I love that it includes a client workflow sheet, goals vs actuals each month, and profit and expenses tracking. This planner has really changed the way I run my business, for the better, and I highly recommend it to others.

The key to an organized photography business! I love everything about this planner! It has so many options to customize it, and fit it to your personal business style, but also has tracking and goal sheets, to help you to maximize efficiency and really make sure you’re stepping up your game and not getting complacent. The cover and dividers are heavy and durable as well. Can’t say enough great things about this!
The perfect tool for success & organized workflow! I have referred everyone I know to this planner…I am just starting my business full time and have been working out of folders, notebooks, and a tiny little pocket planner! I went from needing a whole office worth of supplies to this handy dandy notebook {can you tell I have a toddler with that reference haha!} and it has saved my LIFE!! I absolutely cannot thank you enough for you brilliance, Stacie! And your wonderful customer service & friendly personality!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!! This is my favorite business tool to date & worth every single penny!!!!!!!!!!!

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